Hello my people,thanks for commenting on my last post ,hope u are having a good weekend, i have been busy lately.
Facebook will not stop to amuse me ,i ve noticed that some ladies are trying to turn themselves to unknown celebrities,lmao ,have you ever came across facebook names like ;
Baby-Gaga Mo'cheddas ------(Combo of lady gaga and mo'chedah) whereas her names are bukola falade
Rihanna-pinky -------------(combo of rihanna and pink)whereas are names are folake adewole
shayonce-beyonce-sharon------------whereas her names are uche ogholi

A lot of names like that,these are the three i could remember ,I couldn't stop laughing.

Picture of the day

This pic was taken at a wedding ceremony ,see dressing ,lmao

Have a good weekend and wonderful week ahead.


Fragilelooks said...

lmao. in contrast to the ladies behind these spicy hotties. which church admit these patients. lmao

Myne Whitman said...

Where have you been girl, hope you're fine? The picture is a funny one, the girl on the left is fine sha. Enjoy your weekend too.

Anonymous said...

Forget Baby Gaga Mo Cheddah... How about all these boys that think they are the shit??? Crap like Kabiyesi OluSwagger??? Or Honourable Swaggerlicious??? They make the word "swagger" so irritating!

And erm... Are my eyes decieving me or did you say "wedding"?

Lara said...

these girls are on another level, the people who told them this was nice are very wicked as in, what is this, rags...on the name thing, i think people are just doing their own.

2cute4u said...

Heheheheh, I sure woulda given anything to have attended this wedding I swear! W.T.F.?!

gidiasianbabe said...

@fragilelooks,i wonder oooooo,lol
@Myne ,yeah am fine oo,thanks
@F and M,that swagger word is just bullshit ,thanks
@Lara,infact they look odd,thanks
@2cute4u,lol,u wont go?thanks

Tatababe said...

Them no dey try o, kai!

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