Funny scenes

Thanks for your comments on my previous post.I have been thinking of so many things nowadays especially how some guys carry themselves.I dont know if you have noticed that some guys are taking facebook for granted forgetting its not a dating site .Imagine a guy trying to talk to you for the first time asking you silly questions cos u ve accepted his wack friend requests.i could remember one yesterday trying to chat with me telling me

mr; babe ,you are beautiful,
me;thank you.
he didnt even say hello (thought courtesy demands)

Mr;Where are you now
Me;read my profile

Mr;No,i want you to tell me yourself cos i need to know where my sexy is
Me;Ok,when you are ready to read my profile,buzz me

Mr;Ohh baby ,why now

Mr;Baby oohh ,you live in lagos right?
Me:................................( in my mind ,is this guy a sort of mediocre or what)

Mr;Babe ok can we talk on phone ,gimmie your number
Me;For what

Mr;i need to talk to my girl on phone ,u know
Me; Who,ok u need a girlfriend,u can go to,u ll get

I signed out in annoyance ,you need to know how i felt at that particular time .If you really need a girlfriend ,i thought its how you present yourself in the first place that will take you far with the girl and not talking like a stupid asshole.i am even thinking of deleting all my pics on facebook now ,i tire for guys oooo.But many acts maturely if they are talking to you for the first time .

Has it happened to you before like this?

Quote of the day;If nobody talks about you,then you are nobody.They are talking behind you cos you are standing in front of them.

Have a good day


sosexy said...

Stuff's rampant on facebook this days.Nice post.Hope you voted for 2cute's poem titled FOR ME YOU AND THEY

T.Notes said...

LMAO!!!Hey,its not the guy's fault. He saw fine chic! Too bad u were not feeling his steez--u don't know how many girls he's got swooning just by calling them "my sexy"!

My world said...

Love the quote!
I so feel you on this whole FB ish....I'v met so many of them that actually get angry when you dont reply,and I'm like WTH!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Dem don dey come skype now o... These losers... The ones that come up to you in person are bad enough; not to tal ok the balls that the anonymity of the internet gives them. KMT.

Damn, I late come your blog this time o... Just saw your last post sef... Dropped a comment sha. Hope yor brother was able to make a good decision. :)

By the way, that M.I. song is on point... 2face killed it.

Myne Whitman said...

All these FB stuffs make me laugh so much. There was even a sex scandal I read of a wannabe politician who was talking dirty to someone. SMH.

Lara said...

Love the quote...
Deleted my profile on facebook in annoyance, you get tyo meet diferent kind of people there mostly annoying peeps

2cute4u said...

Facebook is one place I'm definitely getting scared of these days since it broke my cousin's marriage because of these silly I.Ms..

gidiasianbabe said...

@sosexy,of course i voted,thanks
@Tnotes,no mind am ooo,he wan die on top,thanks
@Myworld,thanks for the compliment
@F and M,dem don dey skype,lmao,yeah hte M.I song rocks,thanks
@Myne whitman,na soo my sister,thanks for coming
@Lara,are u serious u deleted,thats funny,thanks
@2cute4u,u dont mean it,broke your cousin's marriage?,thanks

Blowing Blessings Your Way said...

Lol...pele!!! It has happened to me plenty of times! Its annoying!

Tatababe said...

Lol sorry o! I usually check out ppl's profiles before responding to their friend request, even when I know them.

gidiasianbabe said...

@Blowing blessings,thanks so much jaree
@tatababe,na soo my sister,thanks for coming

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